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The Franciscans of the Holy Land are present in Old Cairo near the church of S. Serge (Abu Sarga) from the fourteenth century. In 1632 they established their residence at the Venetian consulatein in the neighborhood of Musky in Bendaqah Street, where they reside to this day. In the beginning of 1950, f. Martiniano Roncaglia, founded the "Franciscan Center of Christian Oriental Studies" (FCCOS) to continue the collection and publication of material on the history of the Franciscans in the Middle East. The formal opening of the "Center" happened on 16 September 1954 in the presence of General Muhammad Naguib, the first president of the Egyptian Republic, the Reverend f. Giacinto Faccio, Custodian of the Holy Land, and other religious authorities. The "Center" designed with the testimony of the spirit of mutual understanding, which is based not on "pure intellectual knowledge, but assimilation of mutual riches" of East and West. In the beginning the library of the "Center" contained about 15,000 volumes, now starts to contain 100,000. It is open to all scholars that can be found here works not available elsewhere in the Middle East. The magazines section encompasses about 500 warheads. The Archive partly lost, it is still interesting, as embracing the history of the Franciscans of the Holy Land, from the early years of the seventeenth century. The "Center” has three sets of publications: SOC Collectanea. SOC-Monographiae, First series. SOC-Monographiae, second series. The Golubovich Necklace, "Bibliotheca Bio-bib1iografica della Terra Santa e dell’oriente Francescano", contains four series. The Last publication is a box set of three volumes of the Historical Archive of the Custody of the Holy Land. The FCCOS welcomes the scientific collaboration of those who intend to create a relationship of peaceful understanding between East and West.

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